Motion Control Systems For Micro and Nano-positioning

In 1919, Prior Scientific was established to manufacture a wide range of products for microscopy application including motion control systems.

Their long and successful history has always been about providing a complete service of OEM solutions. They work closely with clients to build around their specific requirements, as well as implementing a full design brief, manufacturing prototypes, and pre-production batches. Other notable areas are full production, assembly, and testing of the products - this can range from linear, rotary, and multi-axis positioning stages. However, this profile covers their knowledge of motion controllers, which are designed for micro and nano-positioning applications.

ProScan III Motion Controller

The system in the ProScan III motor controller is designed around specific requirements. It starts with an entry level cube that offers a 3 axis control and 4 programmable TTL inputs/outputs, which triggers various amounts of peripherals. You can add auxiliary drive modules, which can either be vertically or horizontal. This allows an a little more control for 3 more axes. In order to control the system, this can be achieved with Prior's Interactive Control Centre (ICC). This offers a variety of positional information and even a sophisticated measurement facility and storing data for diagnostics.

The ideal situation is to have high precision and accuracy in your applications when using the ProScan III. There are plenty of advanced features available thanks to the motor control technology present today. DLL's are also available in this high level comprehensive software set.


There are also plenty of positioning solutions when utilizing the new FB range. The applications provide plenty of configuring options from a motorized linear axis. These can also reach a 3 axis stage system, which provides flexibility during the customized solution process. The biggest area revolves around OEM's, which complements the accuracy and repetitiveness we should expect of the Prior positioning systems.


If you're looking for a low cost motor controller with a single axis the ES10ZE is a perfect solution. It's extremely powerful in a small compact frame, and supports encoders that provide the best precision and accuracy available. When you look at the display you will see current motor positions. These provide rapid movement and the ability to change speeds with a touch of a button. You can also find a manual knob that will make the entire operation easier. Prior's range of motion controllers have soared since the addition of the ES10ZE. Best of all it's easy to integrate into any OEM software solutions. All you need is RS232 or a USB.

Date added: 2012-05-03 17:29:21