Moisture Meters From Sartorius Improve Product Quality

The Sartorius line of moisture meters are the latest in quality control instruments for every production process which relies on accurate measurement of moisture content. The company produces seven different models; six standard models and one verified, EC-type approved model.

MA100C-000230V1/MA100C-000115V1 Infrared Moisture Analyzer:

The MA100C can measure the moisture content of samples anywhere from .5% to 100% with .1mg resolution across a 100g weighing range.  With quick infrared sample heating provided by a ceramic heating element, halogen lamp or CQR-coiled quartz radiator, the MA100C provides fast and accurate infrared moisture analysis and one-touch automated determination of the optimal parameters - one of the most reliable moisture meters for the laboratory or production process quality control.

MA100H-000230V1/MA100H-000115V1 Infrared Moisture Analyzer:

With a full feature set including gentle and quick sample drying (with the same technologies as used in the MA100C and a 30-230 C range), .1mg resolution and a 100g weighing capacity, the MA100H is a versatile, lightweight and easily portable moisture analyzer. With Sartorius' characteristic accuracy and reliable results, the MA100H is a highly configurable and versatile moisture meters which is an ideal quality control solution in any production facility or laboratory.

MA100Q-000230V1/MA100Q-000115V1 Infrared Moisture Analyzer:

The MA100Q offers a user-friendly, menu driven user interface which allows laboratory and quality control personnel to easily produce the accurate results they need – and the integrated reproTEST feature ensures reliability of the weighing system. The MA100Q allows for user-configurable GLP-compliant printout, easy integration of a Sartorius data printer (or external printer) and ample program and data storage for a variety of uses. The MA100Q is perhaps the most user-friendly of moisture meters available today.

Note: All models of Sartorius moisture analyzers with the -0CE230V1 extension are available with an EC-type approval certified weighing system.

MA100Q-0CE230V1 (verified EC-type approval certified) Infrared Moisture Analyzer:

With fully automatable moisture analysis and four drying modes (standard, gentle, quick and phase drying configurable from 3 x 0.1-999 min), the MA100Q is as you'd expect from Sartorius, a easy to use, durable and highly configurable moisture analysis solution. The MA100Q has the same menu-driven, user friendly interface as the MA100Q-000230V1 and provides the same reliability and accuracy you'll find with every one of the moisture meters manufactured by Sartorius.

This model adds a EC-type approval certified weighing system to comply with applicable standards – and all of the laboratory, production and quality control features you need.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 10:50:49