Moisture Analyzer From Sartorius

The Sartorius LMA 500 optical moisture analyzer is the perfect tool for reliable moisture analysis. The LMA 500 can be used on fine pourable products and coarser materials alike with the same accurate results on samples with moisture contents as low as .1%.

The LMA 500 uses the very latest in moisture analytic technologies: optical analysis which provides fast, reliable and non-destructive results. Better yet, the Sartorius LMA 500 has the user-friendliness you've come to expect from the company. Unlike older generations of moisture analyzers, the LMA 500 does not require a trained technician to perform calibration; finally there is an optical moisture analyzer which provides accuracy and speed needed in the laboratory and at-line process control applications while being easy to configure and adjust as needed.

Base calibrations, expansive calibrations and batch adjustments can be made by lab technicians. This ease of calibration permits making quick adjustments to variable sample characteristics to preserve accuracy under changing conditions. The user can see the moisture content of samples in seconds with the LMA 500's NIR (near infrared) technology and adjust production processes in accordance with the results, saving time and increasing the efficiency of production.

The process may be complex, but the idea is simple; the LMA 500 moisture analyzer uses known datasets and moisture contents to automatically determine the proper calibration for a sample class. Using statistical modeling, the analyzer can set up the calibrations with little to no user input (and the user need not be a specialist).

With the Sartorius LMA500, lab technicians can create elementary calibration datasets for every product in their line with ease and with the addition of samples, make these calibrations more comprehensive. Calibration data can even be adjusted to individual samples for factors including surface properties or color.

The Sartorius LMA500 can connect to an optional MA35 infrared moisture analyzer which can be used as an additional reference instrument for fully automated data analysis and transfer. The user can then make adjustments to adapt to new sample batches.

With basic calibration subsets for a wide range of substances built in and automated measurements against the calibration data, LMA500 users will be able to identify and quickly react to improperly categorized samples and outliers while analysis is underway.

Like other Sartorius products, the LMA500 is durably constructed with an IP54 housing to protect the display, evaluation and measurement units from dust and splashes. The compact design of the LMA500 moisture analyzer is ideal for quick, easy transport.

With fiber optic connectivity, the unit's probe can be connected to the built-in analysis chamber, other analysis chambers, add-on equipment like the MA35 or into the production process itself! The user interface is easy and intuitive – something any lab technician can appreciate.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:50:36