Microscope Laser Autofocus Unit Offers Great Sensitivity

Prior Scientific's LF210 laser autofocus unit is ideal for use in a wide range of applications which involve virtually any type of reflective samples; including hard disc drives and semiconductor wafers and other components. Designed for exceptional stability and sensitivity, the LF210 is the result of Prior Scientific's extensive research and development in the field of microscopy and is suitable for use with a much broader range of materials than other autofocus units of its type.

The industry leading stability of the LF210 microscope laser autofocus unit is due in part to Prior Scientific's new modulated laser diode. The unit is capable of controlling either piezo focusing systems including the Prior NanoScan (using its integrated 0-10v output) or a focus drive stepper motor. The LF210 is also suited for use in standalone operations due to its easy to use LF100K keypad.

The unit features user selectable line or spot laser modes, allowing the LF210 to be used as an all purpose laser autofocus unit for applications which require the analysis of almost any sample type. The LF210 is designed for use with upright-style microscopes which use infinity corrected optical systems and is compatible with Prior Scientific's comprehensive range of mounting flanges which are specifically made for different models of microscope.

Offering rapid autofocus with reflective samples of all types, incredible sensitivity and built for the stability and repeatability which exacting applications demand of a laser autofocus system, the LF210 is the perfect solution for the research and materials science laboratory.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:14:17