Microscope Illumination System For Demanding Applications

At the forefront of microscope illumination products, Prior Scientific’s Lumen range offers a range of robust solutions to meet most microscopy needs. One of the most recent additions to the range is the Lumen 200S, a fluorescence illumination system featuring a high-speed shutter control.

Suitable for the most demanding applications, the Lumen 200S features a wide variety of control options, including USB, RS232 and TTL interfaces, and via the ProScan III shutter port. This product’s fluorescence illumination is delivered by a 200 watt metal arc lamp with a 2,000 hour life, and the unit features an easy-to-read display indicating bulb life usage. Powered by a stabilised DC power supply, you are assured of consistent illumination.

Also featuring a two or three metre light guide and an adjustable aperture/intensity knob to avoid photobleaching of samples, the Lumen 200S is a reliable and quiet microscope illumination tool that is ideal for use in a variety of laboratory environments. If your application has a requirement for an extended spectral output, the Lumen 220S model offers this feature alongside the same high quality and performance as you’ll find in the 200S.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:00:36