Microplates Range From Porvair

Porvair Sciences specializes in producing quality microplates for applications which range from sample preparation to high volume screening and other assays. Porvair’s plates are assembled and treated in a Class 10,000 clean room to ensure that they arrive in the customer’s facilities ready to use and free of any contaminants which may affect the outcome of their procedures using these plates.

The company manufactures a wide product range which includes clear and solid bottomed microplates, polypropylene assay plates, shallow and deep well polypropylene plates for sample storage, plate sealers (both manual and pneumatic models) and many other high performance products for the laboratory.

Since Porvair produces its range of plates in a Class 10,000 clean room and thoroughly tests their products before leaving the production facility, they are free of plasticizers or mould release compounds which can leach into samples – in fact, no such materials are used in Porvair’s manufacturing process

The Porvair Sciences range of microplates includes:

  • Filtration plates - Porvair manufactures filtration plates in sizes which range from 300 ul to 800 ul, suitable for many different application requirements with a variety of different membranes and filters. Protein precipitation plates are also available; these plates feature a capacity of 2 ml per well and are compatible with Porvair Sciences universal or dedicated vacuum manifolds.
  • Clear bottomed plates: Manufactured using ultrasonic welding and biocompatible adhesive, the Porvair Krystal glass and UV quartz clear bottomed microplates are solvent resistant and are available sterile or tissue culture treated.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:48:24