Microplate Washer Range From Biochrom

For over two decades, Anthos microplate washers and readers have been a well-respected name whose reliability and quality have made their products a staple in laboratories all over the world.

Anthos is now part of the Biochrom family of scientific and clinical instrument companies; but the Anthos commitment to quality has stayed the same since day one.

The Anthos Fluido 2 microplate washer provides high performance and ease of use for luminescence and absorbance based assays.

The Anthos Fluido 2’s features include:

-20 different cycles, 50 different procedures and 20 plates available

-Up to 4 different wash channels with easy switching between wash liquids

-3 different rinse modes

-Bottom and overflow washing

-Automatic well depth detection

-Easy plate setup: automatic travel height position and bottom detection for fast processing

-Crosswise aspiration for low residual volumes

-Colour coded tube fittings for ease of use

-Quiet vacuum and pressure free system

Asys Atlantis Microplate Washer

Asys, originally based in Salzburg began producing washers and readers in the early 1990s, quickly becoming known for the quality and reliability of its products. Now part of the Biochrom group of companies, Asys continues to produce their famed microplate products.

Asys Atlantis microplate washers offer ease of use, a range of washing options and digitally controlled aspiration and dispensing pumps. These washers are the ideal compliment for microplate readers in nearly any environment.

The Asys Atlantis’ features include:

-A variety of washing options and programs for nearly any application environment

-A unique manifold positioning system for precise height adjustment

-Detachable plate carrier for easy cleaning

-Low noise, pressure free aspiration and dispensing pumps

Auto rinse function to prevent clogging the liquid path

Why not contact Biochrom to find out more about their range of microplate washer products.

Date added: 2015-05-24 12:02:43