Microplate Sealer From Porvair Is So Simple To use

Porvair Scientific's new Miniseal Plus microplate sealer is the latest evolutionary leap forward in the design of the already incredibly successful Porvair MiniSeal plate sealer. Building on the features of the previous generation of semi-automatic heat sealers, the MIniSeal Plus offers an even higher standard of repeatability in sealing a wide variety of different types and sizes of microplate. It's even easier to use than its predecessor and includes improved safety features.

The MiniSeal Plus is tailor made for laboratories with a moderate daily need for plate sealing, being designed for sealing up to 40 plates daily. This is a microplate sealer which is as easy to install as it is to use and does not require a source of compressed air as do many larger sealers. All of the unit's functions are controlled using its integrated splash proof keypad for a hassle-free installation process; the sealer can be installed and working in a matter of minutes.  Roughly the size of a standard sheet of A4 paper, the MiniSeal Plus saves valuable benchtop space and fits in almost anywhere, even inside of a fume hood.

The MiniSeal Plus microplate sealer features incredibly fast heat up times, automatic detection of plate heights and a display of sealing head temperature in real time. The unit is compatible with pre-cut sealing films for fast, secure and easy plate sealing which eliminates many of the traditional difficulties associated with sealing microplates. The drawer-style design of the MiniSeal Plus provides the operator with protection from exposure to potentially hazardous samples while also allowing the sealer to run exceptionally quietly. Sealing temperatures and times for each style of plate can be programmed through the integrated keypad on this advanced microplate sealer, preventing over sealing and damage to plates and samples.

This sealer is compatible with standard SBS plates of heights up to 48 millimeters, as well as the vast majority of PCR plates. Adaptors are available for use with other non-standard types and sizes of microplates. The MiniSeal Plus can be used with polypropylene, polystyrene and COC/cyclo-olefin polymer microplates and a variety of sealing films are available for use with the sealer.

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:12:34