Microplate Data Analysis Software Offers Many Features

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single scientist in possession of good software must be in want of an upgrade, with extra features, that can be learnt with minimal training."

Ok, it wasn't exactly how Jane Austen said it in ‘Pride and Prejudice' but it seems to fit very well with Molecular Devices LLC's release of SoftMax Pro® 6 Microplate Data Acquisition and Analysis Software. SoftMax Pro® is already an industry standard created especially for the microplate reader industry and has helped cement Molecular Devices position as a leader in bioanalytical systems for life science, drug discovery, research, and bioassay/test development.

Now, with SoftMax Pro® 6 new data analysis features such as plate cloning, Syntax Helper, side-by-side comparison view, additional curve fits and 3-D graphing it's even easier to do all your data analysis without having to spend time (or money) or exporting data to other software.

As Mikey Kindler, Molecular Devices BioResearch Director explains, with some Pride:

"The release of SoftMax® Pro 6 Data Acquisition and Analysis Software demonstrates our commitment to world-class software development. Not only did we redesign the user interface with significantly expanded data analysis features, but also this new platform is designed with expansion in mind, allowing us to quickly address future user needs and market requirements."

SoftMax Pro® 6 Software works with their own SpectraMax® absorbance readers, the SpectraMax Paradigm® platform, M-series, EM fluorescence and GeminiTM XPS readers, and FilterMax Series microplate readers. And because it has been designed, specifically for microplate reading the user interface features most common tasks in a recognisable Microsoft ribbon environment.

Furthermore SoftMax Pro 6 has enhanced the customization tools with greater layout flexibility and image display, all-inclusive reporting featuring live mini-graphs and tables, and more layout flexibility.

Plus the new SoftMax Pro 6, being so intuitive, needs the minimum of training. It really is the powerful, complete software package for microplate reading - to be recommended; without Prejudice.

Date added: 2012-01-18 16:19:54