Microarray Slides For Cutting Edge Research

Since the 1970s, SCHOTT UK has provided specialist glass products for use at the cutting edge of advanced research in science, technology and industry.  Nowhere is their experience and commitment to quality more evident than in the two ranges of aminosilane coated microarray slides - the NEXTERION Slide A+, and the Slide AStar.

Despite alternative approaches such as three-dimensional microarray surfaces, epoxysilane and other active surface chemistries, aminosilane coated slides are still by far the technology of choice for printing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products and long oligonucleotides.

The manufacturer's Slide A+ and Slide AStar products are developed around very short chain aminosilanes, which exhibit high signal intensities and low background signals in comparison with other aminosilane microarray slides available on the commercial market.

SCHOTT's reputation for innovation and excellence is perfectly demonstrated in the rigorous quality control that takes place on each lot of slides the company produces.  By offering not just quality, but consistence of quality, SCHOTT offers a product range that ensures the best possible reproducibility of results within and between lots of slides.

The NEXTERION Slide A+ and Slide AStar ranges are produced from extremely high quality borosilicate glass with low intrinsic fluorescence properties.  Quality and environmental control help ensure product surfaces are free of artefacts and contamination, while aminosilane coatings are applied to the slides using a pioneering method created and developed by SCHOTT.

With aminosilane coatings distributed uniformly over the entire microarray slide surface, these products are highly optimised to provide the best possible DNA binding capacity, delivering regular spot uniformity and morphology.  Both slide ranges are design to give optimal performance whether you use contact or non-contact microarray printers, while the more hydrophobic Slide A+ range is ideal for producing smaller spots and correspondingly higher density arrays. 

Offering excellent compatibility with a wide range of spotting buffers and most of the currently used aminosilane protocols, SCHOTT's NEXTERION Slide A+ and Slide AStar products are the logical choice for all laboratories engaged in DNA methylation profiling, transcriptional profiling, splice variant detection and SNP genotyping.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:56:21