Microarray Data Analysis Software From Molecular Devices

Acuity 4.0 is the latest generation of Molecular Devices’ advanced microarray data analysis software. A number of improvements have been made for this release, especially improved cross platform operability; Acuity now supports Oracle databases as well as Microsoft SQL server databases. Improved data storage is also featured, with file types including TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PDF, HTM, GAL, GPS and more all storable in Acuity’s database attached to datasets or microarrays.

Features of the new Acuity 4.0 microarray informatics software include:

  • Clear, interactive visualization of data and intuitive user interface
  • Cluster data may be exported as AVI animations
  • Chromosome visualization; allows expression data to be plotted directly on chromosome maps
  • Configurable scatter plotting of any data column, including t-test results for volcano plots, ANOVA and principal analysis
  • Multiclass variable selection and classification allows easy searching for genes which discriminate between microarray classes
  • Acuity 4.0 microarray data analysis software features a Normalization Wizard for one-click normalization of microarrays; any data which can be specified with a database query may be normalized with the wizard
  • Automatic combination of replicate substances and filtering by coefficient of variation, standard deviation and more
  • Analysis methods suite including K-Means and K-Mediums, self-organizing maps, hierarchical clustering, gene shaving, gap statistic, principal components analysis and more – the output from one algorithm can be used as the input for another

Optimized for speed and memory usage; even a standard desktop PC can cluster hundreds of different microarrays efficiency using use Acuity microarray data analysis software

  • Audit trail is maintained automatically
  • Report and scripting capabilities with JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, Python and other Internet Explorer-supported scripting languages; Active X objects may be created and HTML-format reports generated for easy publication to the web
  • Full Integration With GenePix Pro
  • Web links feature allows one-click lookup of substances in online databases


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Date added: 2015-05-25 10:42:23