Metallurgical Microscope From Olympus

With more than eighty years of experience in imaging technology, Olympus is among the biggest names in optics. Their GX41 metallurgical microscope provides users in the environmental sciences and metallurgy sectors a powerful, light, compact and extremely versatile microscopy solution ideal for a wide range of applications.

Using an advanced UIS optical system to provide crystal clear images, the GX41 is an optical instrument which provides the power and the functionality of a much larger microscope in a package so compact that it’s a natural for on-site observation and recording.

The GX41 can easily go anywhere that metallurgical inspections are required, whether onsite at production facilities or even in the field! Whether for inspection of electronic components, large metal parts or smaller metallic samples gathered in the field, the GX41 metallurgical microscope is an optical system which meets the requirements of the task at hand, whatever that happens to be. Features of the GX41 include:

  • UIS infinity-corrected optics for high quality, crystal clear imaging
  • Easy and comfortable to use standing or sitting
  • Lightweight, compact design for portability and small footprint in the lab
  • Magnification range of 5x to 100x (with WH10x eyepiece)
  • Brightfield and simple polarizing observation capabilities
  • Polarizer is rotatable through 90 degrees for maximum contrast control
  • 6V, 30W halogen lamp as standard (optional 100W fiber optic light source also available)
  • Reflected light illuminator with aperture stop
  • Environmentally friendly – the GX41 metallurgical microscope is made without the use of any harmful substances, is energy efficient and is packaged in recyclable corrugated paperboard

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:46:23