New FlowCam® Macro Particle Analysis System for the Characterisation of Larger Particles

Dynamic Imaging Particle (DIP) analysis is a powerful method of measuring particles in suspensions that enables you to separately count and characterise different particle types in the same sample. The FlowCam®, designed and manufactured by Fluid Imaging Technologies, uses DIP to automatically detect and measure microscopic particles in the range of 2μm – 5mm.

The new FlowCam® Macro particle imaging and analysis system, now available from Meritics, has been developed by Fluid Imaging Technologies to complement other instruments that use DIP, and also instruments utilising laser diffraction and microscopy, to provide data on particles in the range 250μm – 5mm. This makes the FlowCam® Macro ideal for scientists, technologists and engineers working in polymer, crystal and powder particle analysis, food and beverage characterisation, sphericity measurement of manufactured beads and fibre characterisation.

The FlowCam® Macro can automatically detect, in only seconds, thousands of individual particles or microorganisms in a sample. Digital images of each particle detected are taken at high resolution and measured in real-time based on their sizes to produce measurements that allow the recognition of categories and sub-populations even in suspensions of larger sized particles.

In addition to particle counts, concentrations, areas, aspect ratios, area based diameters, equivalent spherical diameters, lengths, volumes and widths there are also a number of advanced morphology parameters obtainable.

These include many important parameters such as area (filled), circle fit, circularity, compactness, transparency, convex perimeter, convexity, elongation, fibre curl, fibre straightness, geodesic aspect ratio, geodesic length, geodesic thickness, perimeter, roughness and symmetry.

For characterising larger particles in suspensions the New FlowCam® Macro offers remarkable accuracy and reproducibility over an impressive size range.

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Date added: 2017-01-25 12:52:02