Membrane Studies With the D100 from Paraytec

Membrane studies with the D100

Paraytec's ActiPix D100 is the first quantitative UV area imaging system in the world and to call it a revolutionary development in imaging technology would be to sell this system short. The D100 offers performance which is incomparable to that available with the existing types of microflow and nanoflow detectors on the market; the unique self referencing ActiPix detection technology not only outperforms all others but extends the possibilities of UV area imaging into entirely new realms which have only now become possible with the D100's introduction.

Applications for the ActiPix D100 include area imaging applications for the real time monitoring and analysis of diffusion processes; something which can enable a significant improvement in the development of pharmaceuticals. In the field of membrane studies, the ActiPix D100 also represents an advance.

The same area imaging which is useful for studying the diffusion of biopharmaceuticals can also be used to monitor and analyze membrane transport processes; the D100 is in fact an incredibly effective instrument for this purpose and may lead to new and better generations of membranes and filtration products.

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Date added: 2009-11-26 00:41:41