Membrane Protein Sizing With The TDA 200 From Paraytec

The Paraytec ActiPix TDA200 HT is a new high precision instrument for nano and membrane protein sizing applications. The  TDA200 uses an autosampler, precision nano-injector and advanced Paraytec ActiPix detector to gather data. Samples may be stored in the autosampler, then injected into a fused capillary using the system's integrated nano-injector.

The Paraytec ActiPix TDA200 HT's advanced nano-injector inserts a 20 - 100 nL amount of the sample into the capillary inlet of the sizing cartridge; the sample is driven into the cartridge from the nano-injector using external pressure along the capillary inlet.

The sample's degree of UV absorption is then recorded in the first and second detection windows using the unique Paraytec ActiPix D100 detector. The dual detections performed by the D100 detector in this precision membrane protein sizing system have a very important purpose: the two detections will reveal the same peak area in both windows, but the widths of the peaks will be different. Because of Taylor dispersion, the signal shown in the second detection window will have not only a lower amplitude than that seen in the first window but a greater width as well.

The peaks detected are then analyzed with the peak fitting function of the software which comes as standard with Paraytec's ActiPix TDA200 nano sizing system. The amount of the sample injected into the sizing cartridge will correspond to the area under the peak, with the standard deviations then being used to determine the sample's hydrodynamic radius.

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Date added: 2012-05-03 17:46:01