Measuring Viscosity couldn't be easier with Malvern

An incredibly accurate and easy to use instrument for measuring viscosity, the Bohlin Vsco 88 Viscometer from Malvern is a flexible viscosity measurement solution which provides high accuracy viscosity measurements at single or multiple shear rates.

The durable construction and the flexibility of the Visco 88 make it an instrument which fits perfectly into applications in many different industries. The measurement range of the Visco 88 covers low viscosity fluids to extremely viscous pastes, making it an excellent choice for routine QC laboratory use, basic development applications.

The rugged construction, durable carrying case and rechargeable battery unit included allows this instrument the portability to go onto the production floor or into the field; anywhere it’s needed. The Visco 88 is ideal for measuring viscosity of inks, paints and coatings, surfactants, cosmetics, foods, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, adhesives, among many other materials.

The Visco 88 viscometer is a standalone unit which comes with three DIN concentric cylinder measuring systems which can be interchanged easily for use as a cone and plate system. When used in conjunction with Windows-compatible Viscosoft software, the Visco 88 can be controlled by an external computer. Results can be fully programmed along user-defined or preset protocols. Automated data processing is also available for model fitting including Casson, Bingham and Herschel Bulkey.

The Bohlin Visco 88 includes measuring viscosity features including:

  • Single point viscosity measurement for QC/QA applications
  • Shear rate range of 0 - 2x104
  • Rotational speeds 0-1000 rpm
  • Yield stress
  • Flow curves
  • Pseudoplasticity and dilatancy
  • Thixotropy and rheopexy
  • Softening and melting
  • Curing and gelation

Date added: 2015-05-24 12:08:57