Measuring Density Is Simple With Mettler

Mettler’s range of  instruments for measuring density include portable units which combine compact size with all of the features and performance of a benchtop instrument. Highly configurable, these instruments can be adjusted to work perfectly for virtually any application and they’re incredibly user friendly.  Measurement data can even be transferred to a computer or printer for printing, storage or analysis. With all of the features you need for density measurement in the labor or on the go and including a durable carrying case, the Mettler range of portable density measurement instruments are ideal for accurate, reliable measurements on-site.

The Mettler Densito 30PX is a hand held, professional grade instrument for measuring density which offers unparalleled ease of use. Just immerse the sampling tube into the liquid to be measured, pull the trigger and in seconds, you have an accurate density measurement of the sample.

Features of the Mettler Toledo Densito 30 PX density meters include:

  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Results displayed in the units of your choice
  • Quick, accurate density measurements anywhere
  • Data capture/export to printer or PC with LabX Direct software
  • Integrated clock for GLP compliance

Mettler Toledo is also famous for its benchtop instruments, including the DE range of benchtop instruments, used in thousands of laboratories worldwide for measuring density. The DE series of  density meters  provide quick, accurate density determinations of liquid samples and directly display results in density, specific gravity, Brix, API degrees or other units as specified by the user.

The Mettler DA-100 M density meter is a compact benchtop density meter which provides results to the third decimal place and includes a Peltier thermostat and a measuring cell drying air pump.

Mettler Toldeo’s expertise in producing state of the art instruments for liquid density measurement is one of the things which the company is famed for. Their in-depth knowledge of the technologies used in measuring density allows them to keep on the leading edge of this field; something which is readily apparent in their range of density measurement solutions.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:42:54