Mass Spectrometry Laboratory System From Thermo

Thermo Scientific is a household name in the mass spectrometry laboratory, their instruments providing laboratory personnel with the high performance spectrometry solutions they need to handle the often complex sample analyses demanded. 

The Thermo Scientific LTQ Velos is a sophisticated instrument which offers high performance and efficiency, with unique features like its dual-pressure ion trap and S-lens ion optics. The LTQ Velos provides ion trapping and fragmentation with speed and sensitivity which exceeds all other comparable mass spectrometry laboratory instruments.

The two discrete pressure regions in the LTQ Velos’ one of a kind dual pressure trap enable ion detection and ion manipulation to be decoupled for optimal pressure during the analytical process, which improves resolution and scan speed. This is a boon for the high volume mass spectrometry laboratory.

Features of the Thermo Scientific LTQ Velos include:

  • Revolutionary dual pressure ion trap provides better mass resolution and increased scan speed
  • Reduced cycle times with Predictive Automatic Gain Control feature for better data acquisition rates
  • More reliable identification of low level analytes including proteins and peptides
  • Fast scan times; as much as 50% faster than other mass spectrometry instruments
  • S-lens ion optics for increased ion transmission and faster trap fill
  • Identification, quantification and structural elucidation of complex samples simultaneously
  • MSn capabilities and high speed and sensitivity provide high quality and throughput for identification and quantification of multiple co-eluents
  • Easily upgradeable to Orbitrap technology for even higher mass accuracy and resolution in mass spectrometry laboratory applications

Date added: 2012-05-03 15:48:22