Micro X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry of Large Objects with the M6 JETSTREAM

The M6 JETSTREAM is a large area micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, made by the Bruker Corporation, built for the non-destructive elemental analysis of large samples.

This very mobile and highly flexible instrument is designed for use in a whole variety of locations, especially in institutions like galleries and museums and even on production lines.

This versatility is possible thanks to the M6 JETSTREAM’s portability and ingenious measurement rig construction, which allows samples to be scanned either vertically or horizontally.

Portability and flexibility makes the M6 JETSTREAM ideal for the non-destructive analysis of paintings. This form of elemental analysis allows for the original and subsequent layers of a painting to be viewed and thus alterations to be spotted. It also permits the inorganic constituents of the pigments to be established in the layers providing greater understanding of the artistic process as well.

Obviously this type of analysis is vital for the authentication, conservation and restoration of expensive works of art. The examination must be carried out safely of course, with consideration for both the operator’s health and the cost of the item being examined. This is why the M6JETSREAM has special built in safety circuits to provide protection against excess X-rays exposure and also ultrasound distance measurement safeguards to prevent collision with the sample.

The M6 JETSTREAM is also ideal for the analysis of large geological specimens e.g. drill cores. It permits the non-invasive visualisation of both major and trace element distribution over a macroscopic scale. It’s possible to scan areas of 800 mm x 600 mm with speeds of up to 100 mm/s and pixel dwell times as short as 1 ms. Additionally the spot size can be easily adapted, in just five steps, to match a particular sample’s structure and hence find the desired spatial resolution.

The M6 JETSTREAM can be dismantled into four convenient parts for easy transportation to your laboratory, field site or gallery.. Bruker’s M6 JETSTREAM detects fluorescence radiation using their cutting-edge Xflash silicon drift detectors, the same technology they use for electron microscope-based approaches to microanalysis. These advanced detectors provide the best energy resolution irrespective of your technique.

So, whatever your scale and wherever you are, Bruker really do provide the very best in elemental analysis.

Date added: 2014-12-15 11:51:41