Luminescence and Liquid Scintillation Counting In One Instrument

The Walkman started the trend and then the iphone, the ipod and the ipad continued it. It seems that every portable device under the sun just has to have a gimmicky name. It is therefore pleasing to note that the eminently portable liquid scintillation and luminescence counter from Lablogic rejoices in the much more sensible name of the Triathler.

Just like the aforementioned epoch-defining devices though, the Triathler is remarkable for the functionality and ease-of-use it combines in one lightweight, compact, advanced feature-filled package; liquid scintillation counter and luminometer in a case no bigger than a petite ladies shoe box.

This makes the Triathler suitable for a very wide range of applications where beta radiation, luminescence or gamma radiation sampling and counting is required (an optional gamma counting NaI well is available). On the move you can carry out effective and accurate environmental monitoring of both soil and water (fresh or saline) samples.

The Triathler is sensitive enough to measure power plant tritium release and versatile enough to measure alpha-isotopes like Radon (222Rn) thanks to the optional alpha-beta separation capability. An in-built multi-channel analyser and a keypad that allows you to pre-set isotope protocols means that you will always get consistent and rapid results wherever you are.

The single sample holder can take a variety of containers, including microtubes, LSC Vials, and test tubes and the robust field-case leaves room for a rechargeable battery. All of these features, of course, makes the Triathler eminently suitable for a wide range of laboratory uses as well - anything where luminescence or a liquid scintillation counting is required, and especially where space is at a premium.

Genetic and metabolic studies, cell proliferation and receptor-ligand assays, glow and flash type assays are common applications and the versatile design of the Triathler also means further optional adapters are available for non-destructive 32P and kinetic measurements.

With full PC connectivity for additional instrument control and for data analysis, the Triathler from Lablogic does not rely on a gimmicky name to promote is functionality and portability - it already is the icounter. 

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:44:35