Luciferase assay And More With The SpectraMax Paradigm

Read what you want, when you want with the SpectraMax Paradigm Multi-Mode Microplate Detection Platform, the only user-upgradeable, high-throughput multi-mode platform on the market.

The Molecular Devices equipment allows real-time system configuration by the user in less than two minutes. This is a true revolution in modularity, allowing operators carrying out luciferase assay related procedures and other experiments to read what they want, when they want, without compromising the results. The platform gives complete flexibility with ease-of-use and excellent cost- and time-effectiveness.

Even as detection needs change, the machine can move with your needs simply with the addition of a new detection cartridge, making it future proof and adaptable for any situation.


The SpectraMax Paradigm offers future-ready applications in under two minutes. Whether carrying out basic research on a tight budget or screening samples where speed and sensitivity are crucial, there is no need to compromise on equipment.

Uses of the SpectraMax Paradigm Multi-Mode Microplate Detection Platform include apoptosis, luciferase assay, nucleic acid and protein quantitation, genotyping, immunoassays, ion channel and enzyme activity analysis and cell proliferation, viability and cytotoxicity.

Detection Cartridge 0ptions

More than 20 detection cartridges are available, including custom options, so users can upgrade their reader and expand its capabilities and uses based on their exact needs.

Each detection cartridge starts with a wavelength-tuned excitation energy source, either in the form of long-life, high-powered LED or xenon flash lamp. By concentrating the excitation energy on the sample through the label-specific options, high levels of sensitivity and performance are achieved.

This adaptability that comes from the ability to change between detection cartridges makes the SpectraMax Paradigm an excellent investment for any laboratory with varying and changing needs.

Benefits and features

The flexible design allows for future expansion and further customisation, alongside a user-upgradeable microplate reader that can be changed very quickly and easily. High-speed detection and excellent sensitivity and performance makes every process, from luciferase assay to genotyping, a time- and cost-effective procedure.

Automatic Z-height optimization at top and bottom read, as well as the up to 1536-well format, temperature control, monochromatic-based absorbance and filter-based fluorescence, ensure accurate and usable results no matter what the requirements.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:16:44