Low And High Binding Filtration Plates From Porvair

Taking advantage of a range of proprietary microfilters, Porvair Sciences has recently announced the development of a broad range of high and low filtration plates which consist of well volumes of between 350µl to 5ml. These products have been developed in order to suit practically all types of filtration systems.

This relatively new range includes plates capable of filtering 96 samples simultaneously with volumes of up to 350µl, thus providing users with the ultimate amount of productivity, together with top quality filtered sample integrity. For those in need of applications suitable for larger volumes, there's a choice of 48 well-filtration plates.

Another added benefit, is the fact that each well on Porvair filtration plates has it's own individual drainage spout, thereby ensuring 100% sample transfer with a remarkable 0% crossover contamination. Having been manufactured from pure grade polymer, leachates are kept to a minimum, providing they are used with the most common solvents.

In order to assist scientists to choose the best filtration plate for the relevant application, there's an informative "Filter Plate Applications" guide which can be downloaded directly from this website. Just click on the pdf link above to view it.

First established in 1992, Porvair Sciences Ltd is a world leader in microplate technology. They are also leading the way in manufacturing processes, specialising in areas and applications within Life Sciences, Drug Discovery, Combinatorial Chemistry, Solid Phase Extraction, Protein Purification, High Throughput Screening, Proteomics and Genomics.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:13:40