Low Cost HPLC System From Cecil

If you have always wanted to add HPLC to your list of laboratory research methods, but supposed that the costs would be prohibitive, think again. HPLC is now within the reach of every researcher, even with a modest budget. There has never been a better time to invest in this powerful technique because Cecil Instruments have launched the new, very affordable Merit HPLC system.

The Merit System will appeal to chemists, biochemists, life scientists and material scientists. Not only does the Merit System represent an easy-to-use inexpensive introduction to HPLC; it still features the high specification performance you need for a whole range of activities including quality assurance, screening and method development.

The range of system options available allows you to pick a DAD WaveQuest detector, an isocratic CE 4401 pump, a CE 4402 pump, a CE 4403 UV/Visible detector and a CE 4402 binary pump. Column chillers and heaters are also available, as are biocompatible options.

The detector and pump modules will each plug into the USB ports of your PC or laptop meaning that the hardware can be set up in seconds and mastered in minutes. If you have a Pentium class processor, CD ROM drive, a high-resolution monitor and a recent Microsoft Windows version you can be up and running in less time than you would credit.

The simplicity of the new Merit software also makes this an ideal set-up for teaching. There is also a commodious library and once a chromatogram is created it can easily stored.

Subsequently, new chromatograms can be compared with the saved files and a numerical match index created and comparable match league table generated. This is particularly valuable for routine elution’s and initial method development.

This whole impressive set-up is matched by the very impressive low price: the isocratic system is only £6,990.00 with the binary system coming in at £7,990.00. With fast delivery also being offered there really has never been a better to time to invest in HPLC, with the new Merit System from Cecil Instruments of course.

Date added: 2013-07-12 17:05:08