Live Cell Imaging System Requires Minimal Microscope Experience

The Nikon Biostation IM-Q live cell imaging system is designed with ease of use in mind, allowing even users who have little to no experience in the field of microscopy. It's a sophisticated imaging solution which offers all of the power you'd expect from a Nikon microscopy system without the learning curve you'll find in competing instruments. Including a microscope, cooled, high sensitivity CCD camera and an incubator, the BioStation IM-Q can be used anywhere; its configuration makes a darkroom unnecessary.

Even users with minimal experience using a camera or microscope can easily perform time lapse imaging and other functions thanks to the IM-Q's fully motorized PC-based control. Set up and alignment are incredibly easy, even for the most complex of cell culture and image capture applications; and due to the system's exceptional mechanical and thermal stability, focus drift is minimal to provide reliable imaging during extended use.

The Nikon IM-Q live cell imaging system is available with two Nikon Digital Sight high performance monochrome cameras. Both offer high sensitivity for brief exposures to reduce photo bleaching or other damage to the specimens being imaged. The dual camera configuration also allows for higher multipoint acquisition throughput; images taken from different planes in the Z-axis may be put together into a movie file, which is optimal for imaging cell division as well as other applications with a moving observation point.

Nikon offers IQ-M users a choice of their own NIS-Elements Ar imaging software, with offers multidimensional capture, image processing, analysis and data management of up to 6D or CL-Quant software, which detects and measures cellular area in unstained phase contrast images automatically. The software's image processing capabilities offer users accurate thresholding for a less invasive method of quantitative analysis - a learning function is also included to improve the accuracy of the software.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 11:14:55