Liquid Scintillation Analyzer Offers High Throughput

No review of a piece of scientific equipment should start by saying how good the instrument looks - it should concentrate on the new features, what the equipment can offer the scientist in terms of time and money saved and why it can aid their research.

The 300SL liquid Scintillation Analyzer from Lablogic certainly scores high on innovation, it is the first and so far the only, commercially available liquid scintillation analyzer that uses Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio (TDCR) counting. TDCR produces an absolute measure of activity and has been developed specifically for pure EC- and pure beta-emitter activity determination. A physical and statistical model of the scintillation source photon distribution is used to calculate the detection efficiency.

Coincidence methods are then used to remove photocathode thermal noise that affects the photodetector signal. Because experimental detection efficiency cannot be determined in a 2-photodetector system (without an additional reference source) TDCR, and hence the 300SL, uses a 3-photomultiplier system, which allows 3 double coincidence observations and a single triple coincidence observation.

TDCR negates variable quench problems in the sample and disintegration per minute (DPM) figures are given directly by the 300SL, without the need for further correction involving an external gamma source or internal reference.  

The 300SL liquid Scintillation Analyzer is also going to save researchers time as it has a stacker system that can run up to 768 vials. The unique sample trays will hold either 40 standard 20ml LSC vials or 96 7ml mini-vials. The counter uses a pneumatic arm for loading with an electrostatic controller.

This is truly a high-throughput system with all the bonuses in time and money saved that confers; plus the 300SL, unlike other liquid scintillation counters and analysers, uses an external PC. The advantages to this are manyfold - users can easily transfer data files to their own equipment, PCs can be networked and the Mikrowin software, which comes as standard, is easily upgraded as required as, of course, is the PC.

Together the 300SL liquid scintillation analyzer offers the researcher the most advanced technology in commercial liquid scintillation counting available today. It is nothing short of revolutionary. The lightweight compact design makes the 300SL easy to transport and set-up almost anywhere in your laboratory and it has to be said; with clean sculpted lines and Matt black elegance  - it looks pretty good too! No review of a piece of scientific equipment should start by saying just how good an instrument looks, but there is no harm in finishing on it!

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:54:57