Laser Particle Size Analyzer Offers Simple Operation

Some scientific equipment offers ‘simple', ‘easy-to-use' or ‘intuitive' operation which still seems to demand a degree or two in the appropriate field, with - preferably - fluency in a foreign language thrown in. This is not the case with the ANALYSETTE 22 Laser Particle Size Analyzer from Fritsch.

When Fritsch say they offer straightforward laser particle size analysis they mean it - it really is as simple as one, two, three! One, simply select a predefined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP); two, add the sample (the programme prompts your addition and starts when you have added enough); three, go away and get on with something else - dispersion, measurement, analysis and report generation is completely automatic.

So if you are looking for particle size analysis, using static light scattering, and demand reliability, precision and reproducibility - meeting international standard ISO 13320 - then you need look no further. Simply decide on the sampling size range you want.

The ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec Laser Particle Size Analyzer has a size range of 0,08 - 2000 μm while the ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus has a range of 0,01 - 2000 μm. Simplicity of operation does not mean that flexibly has been neglected though on either machine. In addition to the pre-programmed SOPs, designed to meet most measurement regimes, you can modify operations in line with your own specific needs.

The manner and duration of dispersal, time interval, measurement frequency and many similar parameters can all be adjusted and saved. This flexibility is extended to the report generator, which is also editable in line with your requirements and can be integrated into a local computer network.

The ANALYSETTE 22 laser particle size analyzer really does offer you fully automated analysis, measurement, cleaning and report generation at the touch of a button. Add to this the attention to detail and quality one would expect from German manufacturing and production and you have everything you could want in a laser particle size analyzer. And while one should always beware of Greeks bearing gifts, while never looking a gift horse in the mouth, putting contradictory proverbs to one side for the moment, if your work involves particle sizing, you would be foolish to ignore the current offer from Fritsch.

They are giving you the chance of a free sample measurement, two in fact! A perfect opportunity to sample the quality of the ANALYSETTE 22 Laser Particle Size Analyzer before you experience the simplicity of its operation.

Date added: 2012-05-03 14:59:15