Laminar Flow Cabinets From K-Systems

The laminar flow cabinets produced by K-Systems are the quietest laminar flow workstations available and include integrated warming plates and heating systems. These systems are ideal for use in IVF laboratories  and are available in 4’ and 6’ lengths to accommodate available space in the laboratory.

The convenient, easily accessible trays below the table allow for easy cleaning of the L200 series workstations – the microscope and light base can even remain mounted while the workstation is being cleaned. Every detail has been designed with the operator’s comfort and ease of use firmly in mind.

The K-Systems IVF biosafety cabinet/IVF workstation range includes the K-Systems L200 Series.

Features of the L200 Series of Laminar Flow Cabinets include:

  • Standalone gassing and humidification system
  • Support stand
  • Mounting assembly compatible with most models of stereo microscope
  • Integrated heating system and stainless steel warming plate with integrated temperature control for even, consistent warmth across the work surface 
  • HEPA-filtered vertical laminar airflow to create an aseptic workspace
  • Manufactured in full compliance with EN 12469 standards

Optional features available for the K-Systems L200 Series include:

  • Integrated monitor
  • Light source
  • Electrical outlets
  • UV light
  • Custom heating systems
  • External gassing outlet


To get more information about the laminar flow cabinets, please click on an icon on this page.You can also find more information on their range of laminar flow hoods.

Date added: 2015-05-24 12:07:24