Laboratory hydrogen generators are reliable and safe

Gas generation specialists In House Gas offers the H2Flow series of efficient laboratory hydrogen generators: a safe and reliable alternative to stored hydrogen cylinders for any laboratory environment.

Utilising distilled, deionised water, H2Flow generators generate high purity hydrogen via an electrolytic cell. The water flows from a small external water tank into the electrolytic cell, producing hydrogen gas that is then passed through a stainless steel desiccant cartridge which removes moisture. The by-product oxygen is safely expelled into the atmosphere.

The H2Flow range of laboratory hydrogen generators comprises four different models, with flow rates varying from 200cc per minute up to an extremely impressive 600cc per minute. The series represents the epitome of compact and robust gas generator design, measuring just 50cm x 40cm x 31cm.

Enhanced Health and Safety considerations lie at the heart of the H2Flow design, with inbuilt leak alarms providing extra peace of mind. All products are covered by the In House Gas one year warranty, and the company also prides itself on first class customer service which includes a variety of service support and maintenance plans.

Available in either desk mounted or rack mounted models, H2Flow laboratory hydrogen generators offer high purity, high flow gas that can increase analysis time and improve chromatographic resolution. Hydrogen output is suitable for use as a carrier gas in a number of gas chromatography methods, including FID (flame ionization detector), HECD (Hall electrolytic conductivity detector) and HWD (hot wire detector) methods.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:12:16