Laboratory Water Information Management Software

Merck Millipore, a World industry leader in laboratory water purification systems, has announced their new Laboratory Water Information Management software.  This new software system is an advanced method for the monitoring of laboratory water purification systems for chemistry analysers.  Ion Chromatography and liquid chromatography water supplies can easily be monitored for purity and volumes using this new software system.

The MilliTrack water monitoring software system is the latest in software design for the scientific laboratory.  Water quality is one of the most important parameters any analytical laboratory must monitor, and this new software system can achieve this task with efficiency and with ease.  The archive design can keep records of water purity and usage levels for as long as the laboratory quality control experts need, archiving water data as far back as is needed to track possible problems.

Different criterion is used for water monitoring, such as resistivity, total oxygen concentration levels, conductivity, and even contaminant levels.  These important parameters can be stored in a vast database that the MilliTrack can manage with its laboratory information management software system.  If a problem with repeatability exists in a known study, the water condition can be checked when the first investigation took place, and then compared to the current running water system to indicate if there is a discrepancy.

Laboratory managers can now monitor their lab's water system from afar, as the MilliTrack system allows for remote connection.  Checking the water purity form the comfort of the Lab Manager's office can be an efficient way to keep track of the laboratories processes without the need for personal checking.

MilliTrack is available of rmany of Merck Millipore's water purification systems.  It is just another way that this leader in laboratory water purification systems helps the scientific world.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:07:31