Laboratory Water System For The Clinical Lab

Merck Millipore had the needs of the clinical lab in mind when they made their AFS laboratory water system range. Designed for direct feed to clinical analyzers and other equipment in the medical lab, these systems can produce as much as pure CLSI (a) CLRW water out of standard tap water - and the Merck Millipore AFS 16D and AFS 8D models also provide a degassing feature.

AFS units provide water which may be used to reconstitute reagents, wash cuvettes, for serum dilution, in constant temperature baths and for virtually any application where reagent water is needed.

Powerful and reliable, Merck Millipore AFS laboratory water systems are also compact, occupying the smallest possible footprint. The entire system is housed in a single unit which may be wall mounted, placed on a floor stand or used on the benchtop. They're also designed to minimize maintenance; the systems automatically flush the unit's RO membrane periodically to reduce the accumulation of biofilm.

Merck Millipore AFS systems are powered by an integrated microprocessor which provides the user with an easy way to monitor pure laboratory water quality and the system performance. An inline resistivity meter with integrated temperature compensation provides automatic monitoring of the quality of the water produced by the system.

A user friendly, menu driven graphical interface allows the user to check on system performance, set display parameters for the system, cleaning cycles and warning points for water quality. When any of the user defined parameters for system performance fall outside of a designated range, the system will alert users at once so that the problem can be corrected promptly.

Every AFS laboratory water system meets CE electrical safety standards, CLSI standards for reagent water (both Type I and Type II). All systems are produced in a ISO 9001 v. 2000 and ISO A 14001 certified manufacturing facility and hold FDA Class One Medical Device status, making them suitable for use in any clinical laboratory.

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Date added: 2015-05-24 12:06:13