Laboratory Washing Machines For Those bigger tasks - From Lancer

Larger laboratories or those engaged in applications where larger vessels are required need larger laboratory washing machines to accommodate their higher test volumes.

While of course space is always a concern in the lab, these larger washers from Lancer provide labs with the laboratory glassware washer systems they need to cope with high turnarounds. The range of larger laboratory glassware washing machines includes the following models:

The Lancer 1400LX Laboratory Washers/Dryer

For the laboratory which needs to wash high volumes of glassware, the slightly wider design and the three level washing chamber of Lancer 1400LX laboratory washing machines provide the ideal solution.

Thanks to four different loading positions, even tall items can easily be loaded for washing. The 1400 LX’s features include:

  • Three washing levels and four loading positions
  • One touch cycle start
  • HEPA filtered injector drying and chamber drying for thorough drying inside and out
  • Hot, cold and purified water inlets
  • Switchable immersion or steam heating as defined by the user
  • 2 metering pumps for dosing and input of detergent
  • Onboard microprocessor stores as many as 42 adjustable PIN code protected programs


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Date added: 2012-05-03 15:23:24