Laboratory Washers From Lancer

Lancer manufactures a range of high performance laboratory washers; a product range which has been expanded with the addition of the Lancer 910LX laboratory washer/dryer. It’s the perfect laboratory glassware washer/dryer for any lab. It’s small footprint allows it to fit even in places where space is at a premium and has large capacity along with the ability to handle a variety of loads.  This washer includes built in injector drying and a compact size with the performance of a much larger machine.

The Lancer Labexia 910LX laboratory washing machines replaces the popular 910UP lab washer with a completely redesigned washer which includes some new and exciting features.  The 910LX retains the features of other Lancer small and medium laboratory washers such as their chamber width – so if you’re upgrading the 910LX is compatible with all of your other washer shelves. The 4 preset wash programs and as many as 38 user defined programs provide thorough, efficient washing and drying of laboratory glassware which suits the needs of virtually any laboratory environment.

Features of the Lancer Labexia 910 LX laboratory washers include:

  • Small footprint: 600x 700 mm
  • Door and chamber made from high specification 316L stainless steel
  • Two independent, height adjustable wash levels
  • Improved pump design for full wash pressure at each level
  • Interchangeable racks
  • Extendible load bearing runners
  • Integrated onboard chemical storage including low level alarms
  • HEPA-filtered and rapid drying functions using injectors and chamber thoroughly dries glassware inside and out
  • Self-diagnostic programming
  • Labexia 910 LX laboratory washers are ergonomically designed for convenient, safe loading
  • Electronic lock for safety; silent and secure automatic door closing prevents slamming and potential damage to glassware
  • 4 preset wash programs
  • Up to 38 user-defined wash programs

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Date added: 2012-05-03 15:22:58