Laboratory Solvent Dryer From Porvair

The new MiniVap system from Porvair, an industry leader in scientific laboratory equipment such as microtitre plates, solid phase extracting instruments, and solvent dryers, has been brought to the forefront of manual well plate drying systems.  This new and innovative low-cost drying system has manual controls to adjust the well depth of the gas expulsion needles, thus eliminating the need for some tedious automated systems.  This is perfect for the low volume assay laboratory.

Ease of installation makes this system ideal for many laboratories, and the small footprint is excellent for crowded bench tops.  A simple gas line input and standards line input is all that is required to get the machine up and running.  This small, efficient drying system can fit under nearly any fume cupboard, making it a versatile and useful system.

Well plates need drying prior to reconstitution, and the solvents used are usually volatile, yet hard to eradicate safely.  Gas drying using a needle positioning systems along with a vapor hood has been shown to safely and quickly dry the well plates from solvents.  The single well plate design of the MiniVap is highly useful for individual assay runs, and can reduce energy consumption.

Straight or spiral needles can be used in a gas blow down system, to simply and effectively remove liquid solvents from the well sin microtitre plates.  A simple hand control is used to lower the needles into the wells at the depth needed, and manual control of the gas drying makes for adjustable drying.  24 to 96 needles can be used at any time, giving a versatility not seen in other manual gas drying systems.

Porvair has been one of the leading manufacturers of scientific equipment, and their solvent drying systems have been relied upon by the scientific community for decades.

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:14:36