Laboratory Software Solutions From Autoscribe

Laboratory software from Autoscribe is in use in thousands of quality control, research and development, clinical testing and research and an array of other applications in companies and organizations worldwide.

Universally acknowledged as a leader in the scientific software industry, Autoscribe provides highly configurable, modular and cost effective software based solutions to the needs of customers across a range of industries as well as the academic and non-profit sectors.

The company produces software for molecular modeling, Chemical Inventory Systems (CIS), sample tracking and management and many other uses; even customized software can be produced to order. All of Autoscribe’s scientific and laboratory software products integrate smoothly into their best known product, Matrix LIMS.

Autoscribe’s LIMS system is the first choice of laboratories worldwide. Matrix LIMS has a well-deserved reputation as being the most comprehensive, configurable laboratory management software available. With its ability to manage high volumes of sample and testing data, produce labels to eliminate human error in the testing process and store data for easy retrieval and report generation, it’s not hard to see why.

The needs of each laboratory environment differ, which is why users need information management which is versatile and can change and grow along with their needs. Autoscribe is dedicated to producing laboratory software which can be easily reconfigured and extended with modular components to add new functionality as needed with ease.

This configurability, extensibility and a streamlined upgrade path is what has made Autoscribe LIMS software the choice of the scientific and medical communities as well as businesses worldwide. The world moves fast and so does change- and users need solutions which address the rapidly changing fields they work in: secure, reliable solutions which increase throughput capacity, efficiency and offer ease of use to laboratory personnel.

No matter what the needs of a laboratory may be or how they may change in the future, industrial, scientific and medical facilities have the configurable, user-friendly, traceable and standards compliant solutions they need in Autoscribe Matrix LIMS and its range of laboratory software.

Date added: 2015-05-27 01:10:43