Laboratory Sieve Shakers Do It All

If your laboratory environment is in need of a fast, simple and efficient sieving solution, you needn't look any further than the range of laboratory sieve shakers from FRITSCH - an internationally respected producer of high-quality practical laboratory instruments.

FRITSCH's range of sieve shakers comprises three models, each meeting a particular range of laboratory application requirements: the ANALYSETTE 3 SPARTAN, the ANALYSETTE 3 PRO and the ANALYSETTE 18. You can expect reliability, convenience and performance from the three products in this range - user-friendly laboratory sieve shakers that are ideal for sieving, separating and fractioning, and that also have the ability to measure the quantitative particle size distribution of both solids and suspensions.

This range of products allows dry, wet and micro-precision sieving, and offer optional accessories as well as FRITSCH's free AUTOSIEVE analysis software. All three of the units are compact and robust, with a design emphasis combining straightforward ergonomic operation with efficiency and high reproducibility of results.

The ANALYSETTE 3 SPARTAN is designed to offer a simple sieving solution for most laboratory tasks. Described by the manufacturer as the "little sister" of the 3 PRO model, the SPARTAN certainly shouldn't be looked upon as an inferior model. Allowing up to 5 sieving operations to be carried out at the same time, this model allows simple manual adjustment of amplitude, and the precise sieving time to be set via a robust touchpad on the base.

The ANALYSETTE 3 PRO itself, on the other hand, promises every feature you might need for quick, efficient sieving and determination of quantitative particle size distribution. In addition to the wet and dry sieving modes available on the SPARTAN, the 3 PRO offers micro-precision sieving with a measuring range of 5 to 100 micrometres. As well as allowing direct operation and programming (up to 9 individual sieve programmes), you can control all operations via an RS232 interface and FRITSCH's free AUTOSIEVE software.

The ANALYSETTE 18 is the largest of FRITSCH's laboratory sieve shakers - a robust, heavy-duty product for the quick and effective sieving of large quantities of material. Offering effortless sieving of up to 6 kilograms at a time, with an impressive measuring range of between 20 micrometres and 125 millimetres, the ANALYSETTE 18 combines short sieving times with extremely high separation efficiency.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:59:12