Laboratory Reactor Control With MicroNOTE From HEL

Even chemistry professionals already familiar with the HEL Group's reputation for combining high quality with the latest technology may be amazed by the new jacketed laboratory reactor control system produced by the company: the HEL MicroNOTE.

One of the world's foremost manufacturers and suppliers of process optimization, development, risk assessment and automation solutions, the HEL Group is known all over the world as the undisputed leader in equipment and other products and services for chemical process applications of virtually any type.

HEL's chemistry expertise and in depth knowledge of the field as it applies to a variety of industries is apparent in the new HEL MicroNOTE, a user-friendly touch screen system which can control and monitor any type of jacketed laboratory reactor. The MicroNOTE represents a significant advancement in process control, monitoring and development which unlike many other systems available requires essentially no training to use and a minimum of setup and configuration.

The MicroNOTE is compatible with the heaters/chillers, stirrers and pumps in use with any JLR, whether these are pieces of equipment already in use or new ones. HEL's advanced WinISO Touch software is what makes the MicroNOTE so powerful and easy to use. The system is ready to go out of the box, being a truly plug and play system.

Available in a standard 15.6" size and a compact 7" model, this touch screen jacketed laboratory reactor control system features an intuitive interface which is instantly familiar and displays and records data graphically for maximum ease of use.

Features of the HEL MicroNOTE system include:

  • Compact size
  • User-friendly, intuitive touch screen interface
  • Plug and play setup; can be used right after being plugged in
  • Logging and control of temperature, stirring and optionally, liquid dosing
  • Controls Julabo or Huber circulators (and other compatible brands of circulator)
  • Controls dosing pumps with RS-232 interfaces
  • Controls RS-232 compatible IKA or Heidolph stirrers


The cables and other connections needed to interface these devices with your MicroNOTE unit are included to allow almost immediate control, logging  and monitoring of your jacketed laboratory reactor.

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Date added: 2012-05-03 15:03:56