Laboratory Pumping Made Easy

Cole-Parmer's range of high performance Laboratory pumping systems includes the L/S digital peristaltic pump, which is designed for applications which demand high pressure, suction lift and flow rates such as those involving viscous fluids.

The L/S pump offers a durable, high pressure pumping solution with a pump head whose flow rates exceed those of any other Masterflex pump head: the L/S Easy Load II. This advanced pump head has enough power to transfer as much as 3,400 mL per minute.

The pump's modular design allows it to be used with other pump heads like the Cole-Parmer I/P, which has a transfer capacity of 17 L per minute. All of the peristaltic pump heads may be used with any Masterflex drive which takes two or more pump heads, providing a flexible laboratory pumping system that permits users to configure the unit as needed to provide the proper torque for virtually any application.

The L/S digital laboratory pump system is designed to streamline workflow. The head rotates up to 90 degrees so it can be placed upright or on its side - and tubing can enter and exit the head on the same side. These innovative features provide users with peak performance for even the toughest pumping jobs.

Features of the Cole-Parmer Masterflex L/S  Digital Peristaltic Pump include:

  • Suitable for pumping liquids, gases and mixed phases
  • Flow rates between .28  mL and 1700 mL per minute (flow rate based on water; actual rate depends on fluid viscosity) 
  • Maximum suction lift of 29' H2O 
  • Precision of better than ±3% (for general transfer); ±0.5% (when using a calibrated flow system) 
  • Volume repeatability of ±0.25% and better with calibrated flow systems 
  • Maximum pressure of 25 psi - 40 psi (1.7 - 2.7 bar) depending on tubing and pump head used in your system configuration (pressures of as high as 100 psi are possible with the Cole-Parmer PTFE peristaltic pump head) 
  • Occlusion is controllable through adjustable tubing retention; ideal for pumping viscous fluids 
  • Reversible flow  

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:18:29