Laboratory Oven series from Panasonic

Panasonic’s MOV laboratory oven is the newest series of ovens for the laboratory, product testing, development and quality control environment from Panasonic. Illustrating the company’s longstanding commitment to producing research support equipment which satisfies the needs of users in the scientific, pharmaceutical, industrial and  agricultural sectors. The new MOV ovens provide the most accurate, high-quality high temperature equipment for testing, research and quality assurance.

Panasonic MOV ovens offer advanced features at an economical price; their performance is equal to or exceeds ovens which come with a significantly higher price tag. Every MOV laboratory oven features timed function capabilities. The timer can be set to sound a buzzer when samples reach a user-defined temperature or from the time that the samples are placed into the MOV laboratory oven.

The MOV uses a microprocessor controlled PID temperature system to ensure accurate, consistent temperatures. The forced air circulation system of this advanced oven guarantees stable oven temperatures which are accurate to within +/-2.5°C.

Ideally suited for applications in the ceramics, fibers, electronics, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, food, soil and water analysis production as well as medical sample testing, scientific research and product testing and development, Panasonic MOV ovens have the versatility to provide accurate, reliable results in nearly any setting.

Features of the Panasonic MOV laboratory oven include:

  • Sheathed heater for durability and safe operation
  • Natural convection models also available; perfect for drying fine particles and small samples where the use of a fan would be impractical
  • Fan forced air circulation models available for quick drying.
  • Microprocessor timer function ensures accuracy


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Date added: 2015-05-25 10:26:20