Laboratory Microscopes From Nikon

Nikon is one of the world’s biggest names in optical equipment, from cameras to laboratory microscopes. The company manufactures a range of microscopes and other optical equipment for the laboratory, notably their Eclipse range of microscopes.  Nikon’s years of expertise in precision optics and user friendly design have come to fruition in the Nikon Eclipse 50i, a microscope which features the advanced technology that Nikon is known for and makes microscopy simple, easy and comfortable. It’s the perfect marriage of next-generation optics, ergonomic design and digital imaging functionality.

The Eclipse 50i features a stay in position stage handle and one of a kind Nikon ergonomic eyepiece tube  to offer the perfect viewing angle and spectacular results every time. Since this model is built around the Nikon CF160 optical system, it provides the very best in optics and is compatible with a wide variety of accessories which allow you to customize these laboratory microscopes for the requirements of nearly any application in the laboratory.

Features of the Nikon Eclipse 50i lab microscope  include:

  • CFI60 Infinity Optics with LED illumination for outstanding image quality; 60 mm parfocal distance provides clear images and minimal flare
  • Ergonomic eyepiece tube with 10 to 30 degree adjustable incline and extendable up to 40 mm for comfortable viewing
  • Refocusing stage eliminates the need to manually adjust in between specimen changes
  • Stay in position stage handle for nearly effortless stage adjustment
  • Ergonomic, easy to access controls – commonly used controls for field diaphragm and illumination intensity are located on the lower right hand side for ease of use
  • Nikon Eclipse 50i laboratory microscopes are ideal for applications including asbestos, pathology (including molecular pathology), live cell biology, forensic science, neurobiology, forensic science, prepared slides, cytology and genetics
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories for epi-fluorescence microscopy, darkfield microscopy and more


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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:05:23