Laboratory Microscope Range From Olympus

Olympus has decades of experience in the laboratory microscope market and the company’s stereo laboratory microscope products are among the most advanced microscopy instruments available. The Olympus SZX10 and SZX16 stereomicroscopes provide exceptional zoom ratios and high numerical apertures which enable them to offer an unparalleled level of image clarity in a easy to use optical system.

Ideally suited for a wide range of applications in the medical and biological sciences laboratory, Olympus stereo microscopes are designed for high resolution viewing of live specimens and provide users with quality and performance which raise the bar for the laboratory optics industry as a whole. The SZX laboratory microscope series is designed with an attention to ergonomics best practices to reduce fatigue and provide comfort for long term observation while providing a depth of field which surpasses that of any similar instrument available.

The Olympus SZX16 Stereomicroscope

The SZX16 is a high performance microscopy solution which provides exceptionally high NA using Olympus SDF objective lenses for an unmatched level of image clarity and detail in the viewing of microstructures. Features of the SZX16 laboratory microscope include:

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable viewing
  • 2x objective lenses for exceptional NA rating and performance 30% higher than comparable instruments
  • Six objectives available for different applications in the SZX16 PLAN APO series
  • Zoom range of 7x -115x

The Olympus SZX10 Stereo Laboratory Microscope

The SZX10 is a versatile stereomicroscope which provides high performance at a low cost.  This model has been designed to minimize distortion and image plane embossment for accurate, clear images and maximum depth of field; depth can be increased by closing the aperture.

The SZX10 (and SZX16) laboratory microscope is compatible with a wide range of accessories which include:

  • The SZX-EPA eye point adjuster allows adjustment for natural posture and maximal comfort while observing
  • The SZX-DA drawing attachment allows to create accurate drawings of specimens for further study or illustration; the SZX-DA may be mounted on either side of the laboratory microscope as needed
  • ZX-BI30/TBI/BI45 binocular tubes permit variable eye points with angles from 5º to 45º to allow for comfortable, natural viewing posture
  • The SZX-DO discussion tube permits two observers to sit facing each other as they observe, allowing the secondary observer to provide more effective support to the primary viewer
  • The SZX-RFA coaxial fluorescence unit enables viewing of fluorescent proteins introduced to living cells


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