Laboratory Information Systems in Action From Autoscribe

Autoscribe’s laboratory information systems are already acknowledged by users worldwide as being the only information system for the laboratory that matters. However, a recent success story with the company’s versatile and powerful LIMS software makes for an excellent look at exactly what Autoscribe’s advanced modular software design solutions for the laboratory environment bring to the table.

The Westwards Microbiology Laboratory uses Autoscribe LIMS in their facilities in conjunction with some laboratory automation systems. One recent project undertaken by Westwards serves as a perfect case in point of the Matrix Gemini’s ability to work seamlessly with automated systems to achieve better traceability, a lower incidence of errors, and higher productivity in high throughput analytical laboratory environments.

This is a microbiology laboratory which works with hundreds of different samples every day, testing for a wide range of different microorganisms. This is a lab in need of both an automatable sample testing solution and laboratory information systems capable of dealing with the massive amount of data produced, including tracking samples and results throughout the process.  

Autoscribe LIMS provided the answer to the laboratory’s information management needs, with its real time barcode label printing capabilities. Real time, automated bar coding of samples, tubes, petri dishes and other materials reduces the odds of transcription errors to the vanishing point.

This is exactly the level of traceability a high volume laboratory needs. At a speed of 1,000 labels an hour thanks to the integration of the automated testing used at Westwards and Autoscribe information management systems; it not only meets but exceeds even the volumes demanded.

The automated real time bar coding functionality of Autoscribe LIMS ensures accuracy in the automated testing systems used in this laboratory. Each sample’s bar code is scanned and the data read compared against the data entered in the LIMS system. The end result of this happy marriage of automation and cutting edge information management is a more efficient, more traceable and a higher throughput for the entire process at Westwards.

Autoscribe’s Matrix Gemini has the configurability to provide any and every laboratory with exactly the right laboratory information systems to become more productive and efficient while increasing the traceability of results. What can Autoscribe do for your laboratory?

Date added: 2015-05-27 01:10:39