Laboratory Information System From Autoscribe

Autoscribe Matrix Gemini LIMS, the leading laboratory information system for pathology labs and other clinical testing environments, quality control applications in industries ranging from wastewater treatment to the manufacture of foodstuffs.

The company’s Matrix Gemini system is what has earned Autoscribe the sterling reputation which they enjoy today. Known for its versatility and unparalleled performance, their system is the LIMS which sets the standard for others in the scientific and industrial laboratory software industry to aspire to.

It is in laboratories which deal with high volume sample testing where Autoscribe’s Matrix Gemini really shines. These labs need their LIMS and ERP/MRP systems to provide them with detailed, accurate analyses and quick turnarounds. When something is out of order, the personnel at the laboratories need to know at once.

Autoscribe’s laboratory information system performs this and every other necessary data management function in scientific, clinical and commercial sample testing environments with flying colors. Efficient and reliable information management is critical to the efficient operation of laboratories; which is why choosing a LIMS system is an incredibly important decision.

However, most laboratories find this an easy choice to make; Autoscribe’s systems offer the solution to managing the often staggering volumes of data produced in the modern high throughput laboratory.  

Paper-based record keeping systems are no longer an option in these settings. The volume of samples and results is simply far too large to make this option an efficient one and these older methods allow for human error in data entry and transcription.

Matrix Gemini is a software based laboratory information system designed from the ground up to address the needs of laboratory applications. Autoscribe’s industry leading LIMS can efficiently process and store data and provide easy retrieval of everything from sample registration to analysis and results; and that’s only the beginning of its capabilities.

Since most labs run not only information management software but a whole host of other software which is vitally important to their operations, a LIMS must be easily configurable, offer an easy upgrade path and be able to interoperate with a number of other software and hardware systems.

The modular design of Autoscribe’s system makes it a perfect fit anywhere. It interfaces with ERP/MRP systems smoothly as well as with the most common database software, accounting programs and too many more to list.This makes it a highly configurable LIMS product with a host of quality features and functionality.

The flexibility of Matrix Gemini allows it to be the ideal information management solution for any laboratory or quality control system. It’s the most configurable and versatile software of its kind since it’s built to be adaptable – something that professionals in the constantly changing scientific and medical fields appreciate.

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Date added: 2015-05-27 01:10:35