Laboratory Information Management System From Autoscribe

The average clinical or pre-clinical pathology study involves a staggering volume of samples and generates an even larger amount of data. A laboratory information management system (LIMS) can help ensure accountable, reproducible results. With a high volume of data, a computerized information management solution simply makes sense, though they are not yet universally employed.

Surprising though it may be, there are many laboratories that are essentially still working in the dark ages as far as their data management is concerned. This includes plenty of bigger names in the clinical study field; though those clued into the importance of effective information management choose an Autoscribe LIMS system over the nightmarish workload represented by antiquated laboratory record keeping systems.

Autoscribe’s Gemini LIMS laboratory information management system is favored by a range of institutes and commercial enterprises as their solution for easy management, storage and retrieval of data. In a high throughput pathology laboratory or any other application involving high volume sample testing, it’s a lifesaver both figuratively and at times, literally.

Autoscribe LIMS software is vitally important to testing applications in pathology laboratories, water treatment, biotechnology, nuclear energy and food production, among other industries. Gemini LIMS has rapidly become the industry standard in laboratory information systems and is acknowledged as an industry leader in the field by users and competitors alike.

Their customizable, user-friendly and fully ISO 9001:2008 compliant Gemini LIMS has won accolades and a loyal user base for Autoscribe; and their focus on swift and responsive customer service and support is famous in its own right.

Autoscribe Gemini LIMS offers an array of features which include:

  • Easy management of samples, cases and submissions with user-definable or automatically assigned submission or case numbers
  • Streamlined archiving and retrieval of data
  • Automated version control
  • Forms for cases, samples or submissions can be printed directly from the system, including barcoded labels for sample tracking
  • Oracle and SQL database compatibility
  • Inventory management functionality
  • Integration with accounting software for easy invoicing
  • Automatable re-stain/retest/resample capabilities

To name just a few of the many features of Autoscribe’s Gemini laboratory information management system – the only LIMS you’ll ever need.

Date added: 2015-05-27 01:10:24