Laboratory Incubator CO2 range From Panasonic

The Panasonic Biomedical CO2 and Multigas laboratory incubator range brings the company’s extensive experience in producing high quality instruments for the laboratory environment to bear on the problem of contamination in incubation experiments.  

Optional Panasonic UV-Safe systems are also available for automatic decontamination. This UV illumination system automatically decontaminates the air circulating through the incubation chamber for additional protection from contamination throughout the incubation process.

The Panasonic CO2 laboratory incubator range includes models with capacities from 49 to 195 liters and with a wide range of options which provide a perfect incubator for virtually any application. The newest addition to the company’s incubator range is the MCO-19AIC is a high performance CO2 incubator which is the first laboratory incubator of its kind to feature a hydrogen peroxide decontamination system and multi-level contamination control.

Created to meet the needs of laboratories engaged in demanding regulated applications and cell culture, the MCO-19AIC provides an environment for optimal cell growth while simultaneously offering the very best in sample protection technologies. The air jacket design of the MCO-19AIC ensures even temperatures throughout the incubation chamber – providing cultures on every shelf with identical conditions.

Temperature recovery following sample access or retrieval is rapid to keep the cultures contained in the MCO-19AIC under the very minimum of stress; the air jacket technology also prevents cold spots on the walls of the incubator where condensation (and possible contamination) may occur. 

Using newly designed, advanced CO2  infra-red sensor and control system, the MCO-19AIC laboratory incubator is not affected by temperature or humidity changes when samples are accessed. The sensor system is unique for CO2 incubators of its type for its use of two receptors, once measuring background levels of carbon dioxide, the other measuring CO2 concentration within the incubator itself, allowing the sensor to continually recalibrate automatically.

This laboratory incubator features the most sophisticated, accurate control systems available;  the sensors are PID controlled for recovery in three minutes or less, efficient operation without wasting gas and ensuring that cell cultures have ideal growing conditions.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:26:00