Laboratory Hotplates

Stuart (a Bibby Scientific brand) manufactures a variety of laboratory hotplates including the digital hotplate/stirrer combination models the Stuart CD162 and the Stuart SD162.

Both of these advanced hotplates offer digital control of speed and temperature and come with a temperature probe to ensure accurate control of liquid temperatures as well as having sophisticated safety features. A flashing warning light comes on when the plate temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius to prevent accidental burns in the laboratory.

An independent safety circuit is also included; this circuit turns off the heater if its temperature rises more than 20 degrees Celsius above the user-defined temperature.

The CD162 model features a ceramic glass top which is temperature and chemical resistant for exceptional durability, while the aluminum/silicon top of model SD162 laboratory hotplates allow for even temperature distribution and rapid heating to the set temperature. In both models, the onboard microprocessor measures the rate of temperature increase to determine the nature and capacity of the samples and optimizes heating rate to reduce the risk of overshooting. When the set temperature is reached, an audible alert is sounded.

Features of the Stuart CD162 and SD162 hotplate/stirrers include:

  • 160 mm x 160 mm size
  • Digital temperature and speed control
  • Flashing warning light and safety circuit for safety
  • Aluminum/silicon alloy top (SD162) or glass ceramic top (CD162)
  • Bright, easy to read vacuum fluorescent display shows set and actual sample temperature
  • Stirring at speeds of up to 1300 rpm
  • Sample volumes of up to 15 L can be accommodated 
  • Maximum plate temperature of 300 degrees Celsius (CD162 laboratory hotplates) or 450 degrees Celsius (SD162)
  • Temperature probe provides control accuracy of ±0.5°C
  • Stirring speeds of 200 rpm to 1300 rpm
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Date added: 2015-05-25 10:28:13