Laboratory Grinder Suits Many Applications

FRITSCH's Mortar Grinder PULVERISETTE 2 is an astonishingly versatile and practical universal laboratory grinder that finds uses in a wide variety of laboratory applications - from pharmaceutical, geological and mineralogical through the chemical and food industries to ceramics and agriculture. Whether your unique application needs to run materials testing, analysis or quality control, the PULVERISETTE 2 combines simple and straightforward operation with flexibility to bring you a world-class product.

By combining minimal thermal load and gentle friction grinding, this FRITSCH mortar grinder is perfectly suited to the preparation of tablets in galenic pharmaceutical formulation. The PULVERISETTE 2 laboratory grinder also offers cryogenic grinding - utilising liquid nitrogen to grind down elastic, fibrous or moist samples that would otherwise be difficult to mill. This is ideal for food and agricultural applications, where fine grinding of plant fibres, for example, would otherwise present difficulties.

Such versatile grinding features make it easy for this product to mix solid samples, or even solids and liquids. With a feed size of between 6 and 8 millimetres and sample quantities of up to 190 millilitres delivering an output fineness between 10 and 20 micrometres, it's easy to appreciate the PULVERISETTE 2's first-class performance. In common with other FRITSCH grinding products, you know to expect quick grinding and mixing times, and reliable reproducibility of results.

As well as offering unmatched versatility, this laboratory grinder also provides FRITSCH's typical simplicity of use. Setting the pestle on mortar pressure couldn't be easier, and measurements can be quickly read from the scale and adjusted with ease. Physical handling of the unit also couldn't be simpler or more convenient - the pestle and mortar bowl click into place in one motion with a bayonet clamp, and can be removed for cleaning just as easily.

With optimised (and infinitely adjustable) scraper kinematics, you can be sure that the scraper is perfectly fitted to the inner wall of the mortar bowl at all times and that it is properly guiding material towards the pestle. The PULVERISETTE 2's grinding chamber interior is lit by long-life LEDs, allowing you to visually supervise the process via a large acrylic window.

FRITSCH mortar bowls and pestles are light but robust, and are available in seven different materials, so you can ensure contamination-free sample grinding for your specific application by simply choosing the most appropriate pestle and mortar. FRITSCH have such complete confidence in their grinding products that they invite you to send them your most difficult sample, on which they will carry out a complimentary sample grind.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:00:07