Laboratory Glassware Caps and Accessories

It sounds a little like a riddle, but when does a lab flask become a bottle? Harder than you may think at first. Surely what defines a bottle is the cap or lid. Yes, but flasks have lids too! Therefore it's probably all about the seal, that's what helps define a bottle. And with Duran it's clear that the seals, caps and accessories have received the same careful consideration that goes into the design and manufacture of their laboratory glassware.

This applies as much to the elegant GLS 80 screw cap with the wielded-in, pressure equalising, PTFE membrane that is perfect for autoclaving media and transporting gas-generating contents, as to the humbler, polyarylsulphone quick-release caps.

As with the GL 45 caps, available in a range of colours, the intention remains the same: to keep the contents in and the environment out. The premium GL45 caps reach new levels of sophistication with particularly high chemical resistance, an operational temperature range between -196 °C and +260 °C and an optional ultrahigh-tightness, PTFE-coated silicone seal.

These attributes make the GL45 premium caps optimal for use in the pharmaceutical industry, particular where extreme sterilisation procedures such as dry sterilisation, hot air or depyrogenation are employed.

Confidence is similarly maintained when the range of bottle accessories are considered, whether it is the invaluably useful group dispenser, especially convenient for repeat volume dispensation, or the stirred reactor. The latter lab glassware accessory, a very useful way to address your mixing tasks, can be used in conjunction with the Duran laboratory glassware connection system.

This combination of caps and accessories is a flexible, modular system of, where by you can configure your own closed, minimal evaporation, sterile environment. Caps with either two or three ports are available allowing four different hose diameters (1.6 mm; 3.0 mm; 3.2 mm and 6.0 mm) to be connected.

A two hose connection cap has also been developed especially with biotechnology applications in mind. The curved top hose connections permit peristaltic pump tubing of different diameters and composition (e.g. silicone) to be easily connected and the cap configuration allows laboratory bottles to be exchanged without removal of the hoses.

In all cases a membrane filter can be incorporated to ensure sterile pressure equalisation. Whatever your Duran bottle size or needs, there is no doubt that they can cap (or accessorise!) it.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:43:40