Laboratory Fume Hood with Tailored Filtration Technology

The multiplicity of activities that take place in a laboratory is now tremendous. We are all aware of the different techniques and experimental procedures that might be involved in a lab's work and the different equipment and instruments that may be needed.

There is still a temptation though to think that all laboratory fume hood products are the same. This is not the case of course, as Erlab a world leader in the production of ductless laboratory fume hoods, ductless mobile enclosures and vented storage cabinets for 40 years, truly appreciate.

This is why they have been continually refining and improving their Captair range of ductless laboratory fume hoods, with proprietal Flex modular filtration technology, to ensure that whatever your particular liquid or powder handling needs, you can work in total safety. CaptairFlex is all about flexibility - it's there in the name after all. By employing vertical stacking of different filters, different molecular and particulate filtering technologies can be combined.

In essence you can dedicate individual fume hoods in the lab for particular activities if so desired; employing from one to four filtration columns. You might require one particulate filtration level, one molecular filtration level, one safety molecular filtration level, or various combinations there of, enabling you to filter organic vapours, acids vapours, aldehydes, ammonia and air-borne powders.

This is important not just for staff safety, although this is obviously paramount, but for secure weighing and operational performance. Additionally, by not releasing potential pollutants into the atmosphere, CaptairFlex helps protect the environment. And perhaps more surprisingly, all this is accomplished with minimal operating costs, even taking into account filter changes.

They can actually reduce your operating costs. Being ductless they can be located wherever it is convenient, even close to workstations and they remain mobile - reconfiguring the lab? - then move your CaptairFlex laboratory fume hood.

Erlab's Asura department, which is responsible for filter development and research, can also oversee the installation and maintenance of your tailored laboratory fume hood. This all round service gives you the necessary peace-of-mind to allow you to get on with what is important, using the fume hood with complete confidence.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 11:53:44