Laboratory Freezer

Panasonic provide a range of options to suit any need or lab application with their extensive laboratory freezer range - the ultimate piece of kit for any cold storage requirement.

The selection of chest and upright ULT -80/-86 degrees C freezers feature the very latest technology and make freezing in the lab quick and easy. There are many sizes to choose from, meaning even labs with little storage room can benefit from Panasonic's high-quality lab freezers. Each is complimented by the optional custom-designed freezer inventory racking systems, enabling tailored solutions for all freezing in the laboratory.

The range features remote alarm connections, an LED digital display, high and low temperature alarms and comes mounted on castors, offering the ultimate in flexibility and reliability. Optional chart recorders and liquid CO2 back-up system connections are also available.


This single compressor cooling system requires no filters, greatly reducing the maintenance required. The energy-efficient lab freezer uses approximately 40% less power than the MDF-192 comparative size equipment, making it ideal for setups where energy use is an important issue.

It also has a 28% smaller footprint compared to the MDF-192 model, thanks to its use of VIP+ vacuum insulation technology, meaning even the smallest labs can make the most of Panasonic freezing equipment. It has a capacity of 84 litres, and can freeze samples down to -80 degrees C.


The MDF-193 scientific freezer can cool samples down to -86 degrees C and has a capacity of 86 litres. It features an adjustable alarm system and is the lightest and smallest in the range.

This laboratory freezing kit uses a hermetic reciprocated type compressor, a tube-on sheet type evaporator and a finless tube type condenser.


This laboratory freezer is ideal for freezing samples to as low as -152 degrees C, which ensures stable cell and tissue preservation by preventing amorphous ice crystals from recrystallizing within and outside the cells. This also allows for incredibly stable long-term storage.

Hot line technology, which circulates hot gas through the problem areas, prevents moisture condensation at the top edges of the cabinet and eliminates frost and icing problems that can reduce heat insulation.


The MDF-794 for freezing in the laboratory has a large capacity of 701 litres, making it perfect for high-demand labs or when multiple samples are used. It freezes to -86 degrees C. Four inner lids ensure maximum insulation.


This lab chest freezer has an impressive 487 litre capacity and cools down to -86 degrees C. It also offers a selectable high temperature alarm at +10 degrees C and  +15 degrees C from the set point.


The MNDF-394 is a mid-range chest freezer with a 309 litre capacity and -86 degrees C coldest temperature. It features three inner lids and foamed-in-place rigid polyurethane insulation.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:36:44