Laboratory Autoclave Range From Priorclave

The laboratory autoclave manufacturer Priorclave is trusted by laboratories all over the world for the high performance, reliability and durability of their laboratory sterilization instruments. Priorclave rectangular section power door autoclaves take up a minimal footprint in the laboratory while offering very large chamber capacities for easy loading of larger or bulky items and are able to accommodate the sterilization requirements of high throughput laboratories.

These large capacity power door models are available in both steam heated and electrically powered models with capacities ranging from 230 to 700 liters, with larger or custom capacity models of rectangular section power door laboratory autoclave available on request.

Features of the Priorclave rectangular section power door autoclave range include:

  • Operation up to 138C - 2.4 Bar
  • Ideal for media preparation and efficient, thorough sterilization of glassware, instruments, liquid/diluents, waste and more
  • Thermocouple and test entry ports
  • Forced air cooling for shortened cycle times
  • Automatic timed freesteaming for improved air removal and sterilization
  • Delayed start and media warming function
  • Tactrol microprocessor control system
  • Control panel provides simultaneous time and temperature display and adjustment
  • Castor-mounted for easy positioning and repositioning as needed
  • Well suited for use as a standalone laboratory autoclave or integration into a fascia panel
  • Two non-tipping shelves
  • Compatible with a wide range of optional waste containers, loading trolleys and stainless steel baskets
  • Can be fitted with optional steam or water jackets
  • Thermal and pressure locks prevent opening under unsafe temperature or pressure conditions
  • Panels and frame members are coated with Biocote antibacterial agent, effective against all fungi and bacteria including MRSA
  • Available in 230, 350, 450 and 700 liter capacities
  • BS2646-1993, BS5500 Cat.3, Machinery and EMC compliant


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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:06:46